Rotating loaded dipole 30-40-80m

Rotary dipole small-size high-performance through the use of no losses loading coils and capacitive hat at the tip.

The on air tests, performed for many months and in all possible conditions including rain, wind storm and snow,  have always given average results above to a classic inverted V full size dipole.

Robust construction with stainless steel bolts, thick aluminum coil and fiberglass insulators, allow you to use it with powers far beyond the legal limits.
The input system allows extremely precise adjustment.

All models specifications:
- Gain = da 0 a + 6 dBd
- Impedence = 50 ohm
- Front-side = about 15 dB
- ROS = entro 1:1,5  (vedi grafici)
- Accept 48mm (serie) or 60mm (optional) mast pipe
- Material = AL6060T6, stainless steel hardware.

- Balun 1:1  5KW = 69.00 + vat =
- Balun 1:1 1,5KW = 43.00 + vat =

Vat free for non EU Cityzen and EU company with business VAT number.

- Shipping = ASK

Rotating dipole 30m PST-RD30SC
      Rotating radius = 3.2m  (tot = 6.4m)  Weight = 5Kg   
  Wind area: 0.2mqCost: 208.95 + vat

Rotating dipole  40m PST-RD40SC

   Rotating radius = 5m  (tot = 10m)  Weight = 7Kg   
Wind area: 0.3mq   Cost: 257.50 + vat

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How to order:
40m SWR


80m  SWR
An easy tuning way allow to set  dipole on the preferite 80m band slot


80m rotating dipole PST-RD80SC

   Rotating radius = 8m  (tot = 16m)                    Weight = 15Kg
  Wind area: 0.8mq                                          cost: 649.00 + vat = 791.78Euro