Ring Rotator  PST-RR55D-PRO
The most advanced ring rotator on the market

All Stainless steel gears and bearings and hardware,
Boom plate is Aluminum, and motor is steel and cast Aluminum

Laser cut large gear ring, perfectly round and will not jump the motor gear, very little backlash
1 degree of repeatable accuracy
No potentiometers for position indication.  Uses Hall Effect device. 
Optically insolated.  The best lightning protection possible
Self calibration, never loses calibration since it calibrates each time the sensors sees the position magnet.

Easy to calibrate, no need to assemble it calibrated or even know where North is. 
Just put it up and calibrate from the shack
Can handle 5 element 20m beams, 3 element 40m full sized beams,
4 element shorty 40s,  ~40 sq feet (initial spec) of balanced load

Worm gear braking

Brackets to handle 12" (30cm) face to 20" (52cm) face towers (25G, 45G, 55G)  100 lbs (45kg) max vertical load.

Can mount anywhere on the tower

1 degree to 500 degree programmable limits

Programmable soft start and soft stop over any angle and speed of ramp.

Split ring design allows easy installation

Approximately 75 - 88lbs (34 - 40kg)

Max vertical load = 99lbs 45Kg - HD 154lbs  70kg

Max wind area = 1.5m2

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Ring rotator installed on a crunk up tower
Ring rotator
installed on a
tower with two

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