A Controller fully controllable via RS232

A short story about this new antenna rotator controller..

After five years of succesfully experience with the previous B and C controller models, that where already

advanced in  features and techology, we decided to put togeter in one new controller the greatest features

of both versions.

A last generation's CPU with a new software, allowed us to manufacture a fully computer

programmable/controllable antenna rotator. You can configure it as you need for your antenna system.

It can became a controller for azimuth or  elevation rotator or something else.

Having the new CPU an excellent PWM, to have it working with all rotators model than we decided to switch the rotor AC motors to DC motors, easily controllable with a PWM.

It looks like the previous B, but internally it has a new electronic board/circuits with RS232 built inside.

During controller allignement and quality tests, the controller has default configuration, such configuration can be reprogrammed using the "tool software" series supplied.

Guys that don't have PC, can change some controller features using some on board dip switches.

By this  re-styling operation we did not got a new product only with greater features, but even a little bit less production cost, so now you can get an improved antenna rotators with a lower price.

"D" controller is available in desk top or 19" rack version.

The front panel and manual commands:

On the front panel are placed: power switch, CW and CCW toggle switches, Preset knob and display.

Something about  "preset": It is made by a rotative absolute encoder.

It allows you to choose an antenna direction in the 0-360 degree range, rotating a knob.

As well you turn the preset knob, dispaly will show the wanted heading.

When you will stop to rotate preset's knob, after a short delay time, the rotor will start and will stop when it reach the new choseen heading, while display will show step by step the antenna motion.

The delay time is provided to allow you to change your mind before that rotator start and than you can  input a new heading.

While the rotor is running after an input preset command or via RS232 you can stop it just pusching momentarly one toggle switch.


(olny the main features are listed below)

Features programmable manually or via RS232:

South or North Stop
(default = south stop, selectable by on board  dip-switch or PC)

Soft Start-Soft Stop
(10 degree starting-stoppin soft ramp is provided. On -Off, selectable by on board dip-switch o via PC)

Rotation range
(360 or 500 selectable travel limits by on board dip-switch,  programmable by PC, beetwen 1 e 500 with 1 steps)

Calibration and off-set.
(manual calibration and off-set is provided, both are even executable by PC)

Features  programmable via RS232 only:

Revers delay
(do not allow the immediate antenna revers rotation, default = 3 second, programmable)

Preset delay
(delay time after a preset input command, default = 3 second, programmable)

PWM on--off 
(allow  soft start-stop ramp, programmable)

PWM duty cycle
(allow to control starting -stopping ramp and motor speed, programmable)

(if extra range travel is selected, the rotor will start following the shortest way, progrmmable)

Rotor chk
(verify if the rotor feed back signals are like they have to be, if not it will stop the rotor within 5 seconds, programmable)


Control boxes are manufactured with the highest-quality components. The circuit is powered via an AC filter and a large transformer that provides the operating voltages for the controller and rotator motor. Two 10A long-life relays  energize the rotor motor.

Another  feature of the control box circuitry is the special way in which rotation limits are implemented. No limit switches are used in the rotators but the limits are controlled

electronically from within the control box.

This permits travel much greater than 360 degrees.

Each Controller has 70 extra range on the left and right side, for 500 total. If the antenna is in 70 extra range, the display will show it.

The digital display shows the antenna bearing in degrees, true to 1 degree, as the rotor shaft has no play or backslash.

Control boxes and rotators are individually calibrated and checked before shipping.

User's manual:

Maual is composed by three sections, one printed, for  all users. Two parts are available as .PDF documents on CD or diskette, enclosed with rotator,  for someone that want to play with RS232 and computer.

On the same diskette they will even get the "tool software".

If you are a software expert writer , using such extra infoes you will be able to write a rotator control software by yourself.

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