Tubular crank up tower with rotor cage

  • Manufactured  in 6 models, from 2 up to 11 meter.
  • Build with square section, hot deep galvanized steel pipes.
  • The lower section has stairs for a safety climb to the rotator and to the antennas.
  • Safe winch, stainless steel cable and bolts are provided.
  • A safety system avoid the weight load on the cable when the tower is extended up. 
  • An hinged base, help to rise up the tower.
  • Can be staring against the wall, on the floor or on the roof.
  • The rotator cage can be used with all kinds of rotators on market. It has trust bearing and mast of 2m with 48mm of diameter.
  • Rotator cage weight: 14 Kg.
  • Tower weight: from 25 up to 75 Kg.
  • Load capacity: total wind area no more than 1 m2 and vertical load weight no more than 80 Kg.
  • Guy wires are required.
  • It is delivered assembled and tested.
  • Wall brakets, ground base platform aren't included in the price.
  • Variouse length of wall brakets are available or custom build.
  • On request, we can build even customized version (if it's possible).

Rotor cage

Example of roof pass trought base

Details of the
safety system
on the tower head

PST400/2          (2 sections - m 3.70 without rotor cage)
PST400/2/GR    (2 sections - m 4.50 + rotor cage + 1.5 mast)
PST600/2          (2 sections - m 5.70 without rotor cage)
PST600/2/GR    (2 sections - m 6.50 + rotor cage + 1.5 mast)
PST900/3          (3 sections- m 8.50 without rotor cage)
PST900/3/GR    (3 sections - m 9.50 + rotor cage + 1.5 mast)
PST1200/4        (4 sections- m 10.50 without rotor cage)
PST1200/4/GR (4 sections - m 11.50 + rotor cage + 1.5 mast)

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