Special made rotator for very heavy loads.
This type of rotator can also be installed on the tower top with antenna mast  flanged directly on the rotating head. The center hole allows the cables passtrought from the center of the rotator.

The rotator system consists of three parts:
the rotator, power box housed at the base of the tower and the remote control box.

-    Max wind load area                 22 m▓
-    Braking torque                 10400Nm
-    Rotating torque                 3600Nm
-    Max stall torque                9000Nm   
-    Max axial load                   13 ton   
-    Motor voltage                    42 VDC 400W
-    Rotating range                  360░ continous
-    Rotation speed                 avg 1,8░/sec
-    Reading accuracy            1 degree no backlash
-    Rotator dimensions (L - W - H)        450 - 400 - 220 mm
-    Diametro utile foro centrale             75mm
-    Mast clamp                                              TBD (realizzato ad hoc secondo necessitÓ)
-    Operational temperature range (░C): rotor unit         -20░ ¸ +60░
                                                                         control box     -20░ ¸ +60░
-    Storage temperature (░C):                    rotor unit          -30░ ¸ +70░
                                                                         control box      -25░ ¸ +60░   
-    IP   55
-    Control box power input            230VAC (115VAC) , 50-60Hz, 50VA
-    Power box input                          230VAC (115VAC) , 50-60Hz, 600VA
-    Direction reading                          Digital (encoder)
-    Limits                                               Electronic, adjustable by software
-    Rotator cable                                 6 wires (2 x 4mm▓ + 4 x 1mm▓)
-    Weight  (rotator only)                   ~ 38 kg


Self calibration, never loses calibration since it calibrates each time the sensors sees the position magnet.

Worm gear braking

Programmable soft start and soft stop over any angle and speed of ramp.

PST-130D-PRO = call (as special made, rotator being assembled and configured in according with user needs)

Spedizione = TBD (dipends from final weight and volume)


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