Heavy duty antenna Rotator, handle up 2.5 m2 (23 sq. Ft.) of antenna windload.
Worm-wheel technology irreversible under mast torque.
Large starting and braking torque
Soft start  e soft stop  with programmable ramp speed.
Two years warranty

-    Max wind load area          2.5 m�
-    Braking torque                 3.000Kgcm = 294Nm
-    Rotating torque                2000Kgcm = 196Nm
-    Max vertical load              650Kg   
-    Motor voltage                   12 VDC
-    Rotating range                  500� (70+360+70)
-    Rotation speed                ~90 seconds for 360�
-    Reading accuracy            ~1%  no backlash
-    Antenna mast OD             48-50mm
-    Operational temperature range (�C): rotor unit          -40� � +60�
                                                                         control box      -20� � +60�
-    Storage temperature (�C):                    rotor unit          -40� � +70�
                                                                         control box      -25� � +60�   
-    Control box power input            230VAC (115VAC) , 50-60Hz, 50VA
-    Direction reading                          Digital (potentiometer)
-    Limits                                               Electronic, adjustable by software
-    Rotator cable                                 5 wires (2 x 1mm� + 3 x 0,5mm�)
-    Weight  (rotator only)                   ~ 10 kg

Specifications may be subject to change without notice or obligation

Copyright @ 2017

USB Com port for PC
Soft start - soft stop with programmable ramp
Programmable speed  + Preset
Max rotation range 500� (70+360+70)
Programmable end rotation limits
Selectable south stop or north stop
All settings are programmable by PC
Some detailes:
- High strenght cast alluminium  gear box
- Rugged and proven design.
- Nickel chromium-molybdenum steel and bronze alloy gears
   running on balls bearings
- No maitenance, life lubrificated.
- Strength steel galvanized mast clamp.
- Stainless steel bolts.
- IP55

Some inside views shots with technical details.

With which competitors model can be compared?
CDE/Hy-gain T2X - Create RC5A-B

How mutch does it cost?
PST-2051D - order on line

Country outside Italy please ask.

What will you get in the package?
Rotor with mast clamp, stailess steel bolts, control box with power cord, rotor
cable's connectors, printed user manual + CD with rotor tool  software +
extra instructions  for USB port users.

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